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Goodness gracious, I love that quote!!! 

It’s for that exact reason that I want to capture photos for you today, so you can cherish them forever. I want to freeze time for you. I want you to be able to look back at your pictures one day and instantly be able to remember everything about that time in your life and for the feelings to come flooding back. I can only hope that those memories will then be passed on to future generations and that your stories will live on.

I pore my heart and soul into everything I do and strive for every photo session to be completely unique and catered to you. I am simply here to document your story in the most honest and authentic way possible; wherever and however that may be. 

In sessions, you’ll find me capturing moments ~ moments that are filled with love and connection, joy and laughter, and noise and chaos. Ah, and I can’t forget the quiet and serene moments either. I do my best to guide you, but not pose you. I’m happiest when capturing the real you and showing you just how beautiful you truly are when you’re not even trying.

I’m based out of Oakville, Ontario but am more than happy to travel to you. Do you live in Toronto? The surrounding Greater Toronto Area? Abroad? Count me in!

Let’s chat over coffee or wine, or I guess email/phone works too;)  I can’t wait to get to know you!



  • I’m obsessed with lists…hence this list
  • I smile A LOT…I just can’t help it
  • What should take 5 words, takes me at least 20
  • I couldn’t possibly love food more than I do…it’s the way to my heart
  • I’m happiest when I have a coffee mug in hand…I also happen to collect them
  • If I could wear flip flops year round, I would
  • I love quotes...like crazzzzy, love quotes
  • I shamefully admit I'm addicted to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • I’m extremely outgoing, but if I’m around shy people, I instantly become shy too
  • Pepsi over Coke, hands down
  • I’m extremely sentimental
  • I’ve watched The Young & The Restless since I was a kid and weirdly take pride in that
  • I’m extremely messy but incredibly organized
  • I believe in trusting your gut, because it’s always right
  • I believe laughter is the best medicine, especially the snorting kind
  • I over research everything and love summarizing things
  • Kind people with big hearts are my favorite kind of people
  • I’m married to my high school sweetheart…he’s my best friend and other half and I would be completely lost without him